At Long Island Hot Tub Repair, your spa is our main concern. Our hot tub repair specialists

receive rigorous training to diagnose and rejuvenate your spa. Didn’t buy your hot tub from

us? No worries, no matter what make or model your spa is, Long Island Hot Tub

Repairtechnicians have experience with just about any malfunction there could be. If it can

be fixed, Long Island Hot Tub Repair can fix it. 


Hot tub maintenance is the key to a long and happy life for your spa. Long Island Hot Tub Repair specialists are equipped to give you and your hot tub the best care possible. Your hot tub needs are unique and therefore we offer a variety of services that are both budget-friendly and efficient.

Season Opening

Ready to unwind and lounge in your hot tub again? When it’s time to open your spa, our technicians at Long Island Hot Tub Repair will make sure your hot tub is in perfect working order.  All of our hot tub openings include: uncovering, cleaning, filling, start-up chemicals, running and testing your spa. 

Season Closing

If you are not planning to use your spa for an extended period of time, protect your investment by calling Long Island Hot Tub Repair to close your spa. Just draining the water is not enough. Our technicians take extra special care to properly close your hot tub so it will be in the best possible condition when you are ready to use it again.

Moving Your Spa

Whether you purchased your spa from Long Island Hot Tub Repair, Sparkling Spas, from a friend, or an online retailer, our professionals will move your hot tub with utmost care. Long Island Hot Tub Repair can move your newly arrived spa from your garage or driveway to the perfect spot. No job is too big for Long Island Hot Tub Repair to handle. 

We are a Certified Service Center for Arctic Spas hot tubs.

Spa Repair 

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